Help secure ‘town green’ status for land at Doverow Hill, near Stonehouse

Please can you help in supporting an application to secure Town Green status for a patch of land at the top of Doverow Hill between Ebley, Stonehouse and Westrip.  If you want to support this too there’s a 2-minute survey to fill in – see below.

Like the Heavens, this has been publicly accessible land for decades and people have been able to roam freely. The land passed into new ownership recently and barbed wire fences have been erected to guide walkers along 2 public rights of way which cross the site.

Access to many of the old trees and viewpoints is no longer possible and a public bench has been dismantled. Stonehouse Town Council has made the Town Green application and is inviting survey responses to demonstrate public support.

Stonehouse residents have very little access to green spaces and the area is an important thoroughfare between Stonehouse and Ebley/ Stroud and Westrip.  I’m supporting this application – if you would like to as well, my understanding is that to be a town green, it needs to be demonstrated that not only walking takes place but also additional activities  (e.g. picnics, birdwatching, bonfires, games, foraging, reading, relaxation, cycling ….)

The survey link is here:

Here’s a short article about it.

Help spreading the word would be appreciated.

Thanks very much

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