Free sociocracy training for community activists, Nov 19, Trinity Rooms

This workshop (Trinity Rooms, Nov 19, 3-7pm) is primarily for people working on various aspects of Stroud Commons, but we’ve opened it up to anyone working to build community resilience – first come, first served.

Stroud Commons has a vision to create communities that benefit local people and the environment. Stroud Commons needs architects to create the plans to achieve this and the builders to make it happen.

Collaborative governance (sociocracy) is a framework that can assist in creating a relevant structure, processes and people resources to provide the clarity to take this vision forward. It can provide a governance system for the commons, and allow different sectors and different towns to federate together.

This could be a time to bring together anyone involved or interested in building a commons economy, to work together to explore the framework. This could help to see the people resources, talents and interests that are present in the current groups. It will also provide information about what else is needed.

At the end of the workshop there is an offer for a small group of people to take part in a free online training programme in sociocracy. This has been funded to enable community activists to work together and achieve their aims.

Sociocratic principles are intended to enable local communities to work together with mutual respect and actions, supporting everyone in their form of leadership and contribution. It can include techniques such as listening, non-violent communication and authentic self. The intention of the workshop is to assist in growing and enabling the Stroud Commons network.

The facilitator is Sue Bell (MSc, PsyC Dip.). My background work and learning is in health, education, finance and change management.

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