Beginnings of an energy commons for Stroud

Dear Stroud commoners and potential commoners,

I’m Ronan, Senior Research Officer at the University of Essex.

We recently got the opportunity to fund a research project that can lay the groundwork for a community energy project in Stroud. In turn, we are excited to invite you to participate in the Stroud Community Energy and Commoning Survey. This survey is an important antecedent for understanding our community’s energy use, needs, thoughts, and exploring the potential for commons-oriented systems in the area.

The Stroud Community Energy and Commoning Survey is designed to gather insights into how we, as a community, use energy and how interested we are in adopting shared energy solutions. By combining different research methods, we aim to get a comprehensive understanding of individual and collective factors that influence our energy consumption.

By sharing your experiences and opinions, you will contribute to actionable insights that can guide the development of community energy initiatives in Stroud. All responses are of course anonymous.

What we are doing:

Practical Workshop: We are organizing a hands-on workshop next month where participants can learn and contribute learning about energy, commons, and community solutions. This workshop will provide practical advice and give space for local co-design of our work. If you’re interested, do email me and I’ll make sure you receive the invite (my email is below).

I am also meeting with as many people from local community groups as possible over the next few weeks. I met with MHCG (Middle of the Hill Community Group), who are part of NOSH (Network of Stroud Hubs) at Nouncells Cross on Saturday and was really blown away by the work they are doing and have done.

View from the flats at Nouncells Cross.

Do reach out to me should you wish to get in touch:

Thank you for your time and contributions.

Here’s the link to the survey.

Warm regards,


[NB there will be more articles explaining the energy commons concept soon.]

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